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The consecration

What is is it?
"By placing your personal and family activities under the aegis of Mary,
You appeal to her protection and her help in all your endeavours, but,
you also promise her not to take any action that may displease her
and to conform all your life to her direction and wishes."

What is the purpose?

For whom?

What is the process?

By dedicating ourselves to Our Lady,

We receive peace and we will also have a guide to preserve us from missteps, to bring us back to the right track if we get lost. We will be protected from the Devil's dangers and pitfalls.

Everyone can devote themselves to Mary. But we recommend that parents consecrate their children and grandchildren from an early age.

Dedicating your child to Our Lady of the Trinity is easy!

Or by email to

Or by post to:

Association Notre-Dame de la Trinité

10, Boulevard Carnot - 41000 Blois

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