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Support the Sanctuary

The coronavirus pandemic and its serious consequences have weakened the sanctuary.

Despite the confinement, we continued our action with employees and volunteers.

Thus, retirement homes all over France have received prayer images intended to provide spiritual support to the residents and at the same time we have made sure to maintain the circulation of the magazine.

Today, we count on your support in the pursuit of our mission.


All those who love the Basilica of Our Lady of the Trinity have seen it in recent years: many works have been carried out to highlight the sanctuary of the devotion of the Three Ave Maria.

The choir and chapels have been restored, the magazine redesigned, an explanatory trail created, the historic altar of the crypt reinstalled, the interior lighting of the basilica renovated, the shop reopened with new furniture, two websites put in place. line, signage in place ...

These projects were self-funded by the Notre-Dame de la Trinité association headed by the rector. They made it possible to revive and preserve the life of the sanctuary, but other challenges now await us to safeguard and enhance the sanctuary.

For example, the tiling needs to be redone in the lower right side, the 7 monumental tapestries must be cleaned and protected which will cost 35,000 euros, the roof of the cloister needs to be waterproofed and the landscaped part to be rehabilitated. The basilica also needs some structural protection work.

Likewise, exterior lighting must be in place so that the inhabitants can see it and so that the parking lot and the cloister are lit. In addition, the convent's boiler is running out of steam and must be changed; old windows and doors need to be restored or replaced to better retain heat.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

For all these small and large projects the sanctuary needs the support of everyone with the protection of Our Lady and Saint Joseph and the grace of the Lord.

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