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at Notre-Dame des Trois Ave
(to be recited every day)

When at the beginning of the last century Father Jean-Baptiste de Chémery made himself the propagator of the three Hail Marys, a faithful had the idea of ​​reciting three Hail Marys, for nine days, for a specific intention. Granted, she came to tell the father.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Prudent, very cautious, the father had this "novena" practiced by several of his acquaintances, but who did not know each other.

All were answered!

The father therefore saw in it a confirmation from the Blessed Virgin.

This is how he wrote the following novena, in the spirit of the revelation of the Blessed Virgin to Saint Mechtilde: to honor each person of the Trinity for the privileges offered to the Blessed Virgin.

O Mary, Powerful Virgin,


to whom nothing is impossible, I am begging you, help me with this need I am in, with this Power our Almighty Father gave you…Since you can help me please do not abandon me, you, Advocate of the most desperate causes !

I feel the glory of God, your honour and the goodness of my soul are attached to the success of this request.

If it complies with the very lovable and saint Will of God, as I think it does, I am begging you, o all-powerful supplicant, to intercede on my behalf with your Son who cannot refuse you anything.

I am asking it to you again, in the name of the unlimited Power the Holy Father gave you, his beloved daughter, and in honour of whom I say, united with Saint Mechtilde, to whom you revealed the salutary practice of the three “Ave Maria”:


Hail Mary full of grace….

Prier avec Marie
Prier avec Marie

Divine Virgin Mary, called Throne of Wisdom


because the Word of God, Wisdom itself, lived inside you…You, to whom this adorable Son communicated all his divine science, as you are the most perfect creature who could receive it, you know the extent of my misery and how I need your assistance.

I trust your divine Wisdom, I abandon myself in your hands so that you could dispose of everything with strength and kindness, for he highest glory of God and the greatest good of my soul.

Deign help me with the ways you know are the best to reach this goal.

O Mary, Mother of Divine Wisdom, deign, I’m begging you, get me the precious grace I am asking for; I’m asking it in the name of the Wisdom your Son illuminated you with, you, his beloved mother, in honour of whom I say, united with Saint Léonard de Port Maurice, the most zealous predicator of your three “Ave Maria”:


Hail Mary full of grace….

O sweet and kind Mother, true Mother of Mercy,


whose heart the Holy Spirit has fired with unlimited kindness for poor humans, I come to beg you to show your compassionate kindness to me.

The greater my misery, the more it will arouse your compassion.

I know I do not deserve the precious grace I want, as I have offended you so often by offending your divine Son. But if I have been guilty, very guilty, I truly repent of having caused so much pain to the very kind Heart of Jesus and to yours.

Aren’t you the “Mother of repentant sinners”, as you revealed it to one of your servants, Saint Brigitte ? Therefore, please forgive my past ingratitudes, only consider your merciful kindness and the glory which will come to God and to yourself, and get me from God’s divine mercy the grace I’m begging through your intercession.

O you whom nobody never begged in vain, “o clement, o merciful, o sweet Virgin Mary”, I am asking you to deign help me, with this merciful kindness the Holy Spirit filled your heart with, you, his beloved spouse, and in honour of whom I say, with Saint Alphonse de Liguori, apostle of your mercy and doctor of the three Ave Maria :


Hail Mary full of Grace…

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